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Omonomono Newsletter, March 23 Update

As Major League Baseball is now slated to resume normalcy, will my sleep schedule do as well? With the world economy taking potshots from Vladimir Putin’s war, the weakening yen and the still-going concerns about COVID variants take on a different sheen as we head into Spring. Will we have too much or too little hopium? Well, that doesn’t really stop anything.

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-03-23

The end of the anime season this time coincided with the end of FUNi as a simulcast anime source for North America and some other English-speaking geographic regions. The merger with Crunchyroll has started in earnest and as a subscriber of both the transition, I feel it is not entirely smooth. I’m not a FUNi annual subscriber so I don’t have that FUNi issue, but not every show has gotten moved over. Hakozume, Realist, Slow Loop, Pupil of the Wise Man and Tensai Ouji are shows I’ve been watch and those are staying until the end, and others have raised the concern about home video updating the broadcast version, which is more of an ongoing concern. What was most amusing to me is how FUNi actually uploaded a few videos to explain the CR apps to its users. On the home video side, this is a bit more murky.

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Omonomono Newsletter, February 28 Update

The Newsletter experiment stumbles into the second year. I guess I will continue because regurgitating these links into a single post is still worth it for myself. BTW, it’s only dated Feb. 28 because I couldn’t finish writing by midnight–you have the MLB lockout deadline to thank for that.

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-02-28

February came and went. It’s low-key a power month. The cycles are driven not by what’s new, but by what counts. Russia invades Ukraines–someone said something about war in Russia in the Winter or something somewhere, and now sneezed. But, there are other things like Kizuna AI moving on.

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Omonomono Newsletter, February 6 Update

Long time no newsletter. I think I have 2 months worth of links in this one.

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2022-02-06

I’ve been dreading writing these and the logical timing to dump these just hasn’t came around for various reasons. I think either a process improvement or dropping this all together are the only options left. Well, I’ll save my excuses for later. For now, links.

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Omonomono Newsletter, November 17 Update

Wow I didn’t update my blog for like, a month. I did get a lot of rest that I promptly had to “use up” though LOL.

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-11-17

I’ll save the personal updates later in the relevant section, but I’m mostly back to your regular operating schedule. A lot of minor-ish interruptions did happen since I last wrote but, anyways.

Just as a note on COVID in Japan, but the vax rate is over 75%, and as of this writing, the highest among G7 countries. Helps when the biggest nerd event requires it basically.

That Erii Yamazaki music video is 4k. But hmm.

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Omonomono Newsletter, October 8 Update

Extra! Extra! Runa Narumi Special Edition…or not. A packed letter again, with first impressions and more!

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Omonomono Newsletter, 2021-10-08

As the temps drop I realize my new PC puts out a lot of heat. Also due to various reasons it is situated in a way where the exhaust is pointing to the center of the room, so all that hot air just gets all over the place.

The new anime season is upon us, and there are a couple smashing candidates already one week in. And now that I don’t have to follow baseball as closely as the playoffs are in the swing (and my horse lost already) it is time to take it even slower. Well, as slow as year-end is going to sneak up on us. It’s only thirty four more days until the Eleventh of November.

But first, Mocho. High-res Mocho.

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