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Anime Expo 2017 Anime World Matsuri (June 30) Japan Kawaii Live

The long blog post title aside, I don’t have a whole lot to say actually. Actually let me cap the whole day, since that’s how I have been looking at this from the start.

There is more to the experience of seeing an IDOLM@STER live than the live alone. I think in this case we put together something that a lot of producers could enjoy. There was a call book thing, there was some goods sold, there is the offkai. There’s the line-up and socializing. I think people had a good time, at least based on the feedback. There were also things that can screw us up, like AX’s ticket pickup policy. But first things first.

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Anime Expo 2017 Prep

Somehow I got roped into pressing at AX again, despite paying for Premiere… Should’ve said no but welp.

Just a page of links and what I know that can be shared. This year I have not had as much time collecting info, but here goes.

Sentai Filmworks here. Not much to note.

Mangagamer has some stuff. Probably nice for the usual commission hunters.

FUNi – If you care about FMP take note here.

Atlus has a food truck tie-in

Fakku – MEME50 huh.

Sekai Project – Bring seiyuu already lol.


Kadokawa has a PR without much details but I guess check FB later?

GSC, in case you hate money. Not too terrible this year.

Visual Arts LOL

Bookwalker – Danmachi author…

Aniplex USA – Man, Kawasumi is coming again but I can’t do anything about going to the FGO panel. And I am playing the game right now…

Oh yeah, there’s also Bushiroad Grand Festival (US ver). Mini stage schedule. Main stage schedule. Based on what I know you go early to line up to go in and buy stuff to get tickets for autograph or other things. Basically try to budget an hour to travel between events, traffic willing.

Crunchyroll is probably holding back because they are throwing their own party in Norcal later this year.

Key things to note about the two AWM shows, Japan Kawaii Live and Japan Super Live.

  • People will be distributing call books. Check my twitter for location.
  • Make time to pick up your tickets from AX Will Call booth near LACC south hall entrance. There’s a 4 hour minimum pickup time before your first show. This means if the show is at 7pm then you need to pick it up by 3pm. That’s tight on 6/30 to say the least. If you need to, AX offers ability to pick up tickets at the venue directly by emailing them. That said you can pick them up on 6/29, and starting 8am on 6/30.
  • The gist here is AX wants to enforce badge and ticket check at will call. It sucks because the sensible thing to do is have MS Theater staff check instead, but welp. Considering that JKL is well-sold it means a lot of people will have to deal with 6/30 problems on 6/30. I’m leaving my tickets with my name for the time being, can always change the names on your ticket later.

AX Autograph rules here.

On 6/30 and 7/1, I believe AWM will have goods sales at the Microsoft Theater. Better check the day of.

Eventing 2017

[Last year’s event log here. Last update August 17]

This is a blog post that will keep track of the nerd events I’m attending in 2017. It will be updated over time to add/delete and update the status of the events I plan to attend or have attended. If you’re going to one of these, feel free to let me know ahead of time.

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Re: AX’s Flower Stands & Call Books

These thoughts are related to the ongoing production of some fan projects for this year’s Anime Expo. It is more akin to long-ass-subtweet level of snark but at the same time I try to offer at least a more honest look at what practically, on some level, introspection would at least bring you. These blurbs do refer to some ongoing things that some of you might not be aware of, and some of the things I say may not make a lot of sense if you don’t know what I’m referring to. But I guess that’s just par for the course right? Lastly, think of the below 2 entries as two parts in a long series of why we can’t have nice things.

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Anime Next 2017: Wrap

This was a fun time in Atlantic City, partly because we had a pretty nice crew going and it was well-supported by everyone. Thanks for everyone who made it happen, and big thanks to the con for bringing together the guests and being able to put on a mostly competent event! I also have to give massive thanks to the 30 or so people at my panel, thanks for showing up! Super thanks for the wota demo yall.

The reason why I had a good time, indirectly, can be traced to the fact that seiyuu Ueda Reina was here as a guest. She came as a group with the series director for ReLIFE, Kosaka Tomochi, and character designer Yamanaka Junko. I guess director Tomochi’s signature work was Yowamushi GR OP, and Nobunaga no Shinobi for Yamanaka. Ueda Reina got Bakuon as a nod. It seemed like, from the panels, that Kosaka had a lot to say, so it was a little sad that she didn’t get to do it as about half of the panel was Q&A and the other half was presenting materials from ReLIFE. I’m guessing this only happened because TMS arranged it to be like that.

The two panels for ReLIFE were run in a scripted style. Ueda Reina was the MC, who did the thing in a very standard JP event style. You have to also give props to the interpreter for keeping it up. The two panels were also more or less the same, which both had a live sketch portion with the result sketch being offered to the person who beat Ueshama in rock paper scissors.

I don’t have a lot to add to the stuff involving Ueda Reina. In person, she’s pretty much what I expected, a lively and expressive woman with some, uh, inaka tendencies. They call her Uebaba for a good reason. She’s also a little dorky, which adds to her charm. Or I should say, there may be a thin line between awkward and charming, but she always lands on the right side of the line. Those of you who know her knows her, I guess, and it is a joy just to be able to share this weekend with her even in this limited way.

It’s even more of a joy to share the weekend with all the others who appreciate her, and some of the eventing tigers that somehow makes up my greater circle of acquaintances and second degree acquaintances via others. I ran a panel about events, but some friends ran a panel about wota. I guess these days they go hand in hand even in the States. We watched some Million Live 3rd this weekend, but also did an episode of HPTalk, which I should post soon…

There weren’t a lot of silly things that happened, our Ueshama kaigai TO-type bought gifts and flowers to get his Umimi POP signed, but outside of that it wasn’t all that.

I ended up at the con Thursday night, so I can wake up at a reasonable time and work most of the day Friday. I actually ditched work to go to the Trigger panel and came back to wrap up. It worked out well enough since I brought some food with me. Seeing the schedule having that free time helped a lot. The two Trigger panels were good, especially the Friday one where the crowd watched Infernal Cop on some dinky projectors. Dinky because they weren’t elevated enough and you can’t see anything once people stood up to sing “America ga daisuki” which…well.

The second Trigger panel was the LWA focus panel. I missed the first half of it because I thought I wouldn’t make it into the panel room due to full-ness, as it took place right after the TMS panel. I came back to it after a bit and sat in the back. There was great regret because I actually read up on LWA animator Handa before and missed out on the quiz (with Imaishi autograph on the line): what’s Handa’s debut work? It was Hanamaru Yochien but I said Panty Stocking (which was his second IIRC). The hard part was getting picked, but I got picked.

I also swung by the Capcom Live concert on Sunday, although just for the last third. They snuck in a couple anime songs that I got a to hear, Guren no Yumiya and One Piece… Their lead singer was pretty cool. The video game music part, that was pretty good, even if there was only one Rockman track…

I actually walked the dealer room/artist alley this time, but nothing struck me as very interesting. Not that many vendors to begin with.

Anyways, it was a fun con. I took it easy; so did everyone more or less. I even went to the Otabrew stop there, and it helped that a con higherup was helping the coordination. Found a couple beers that I liked, even (mostly the Equilibrium Photon Citrus). It was also good to hang with a crowd I normally don’t see.

PS. I was able to walk around a bit this year to get bites, but I ended up at Wingcraft twice again. I did go to the pho place behind the Bass Pro Shop and it was solid, if albeit a tad higher priced than expected due to the location. I think some people wanted to go to the conbini where Ueshama said she got a hot dog from but I don’t really know if that’s such a good idea, LOL. So she says, according to her, that’s a very American thing to do, to walk around town while eating a hot dog. Photo was taken (not with hot dog in hand) while walking back from Pho; there was a bike tournament on Sunday, which was oddly still related to our guest of honor.