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Year in Review 2015: N-Lists

Yeah I am late, but such is how it goes… It’s more substantial than a Winter 2016 breakdown anyway.

ponkan...why so good

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Year in Review 2015: Eventing

I have a post on the events I planned and attended for 2015. You can read it here.

Just to summarize: I have like a couple drafts of 1000 words or more on eventing this year but I feel they all misses the point. But to TL;DR them:

  • Eventing is about making memories, reducing a form of regret. It’s arguably a better use of time and money than what the otaku typically do with time and money.
  • The YOLO aspect of eventing is not the most dangerous thing. This is the “immediate” danger but is not as bad as…
  • The real danger–getting addicted.

More importantly, it’s about having the maturity to correctly prioritize what you do with your time and money (and energy). But that’s like, life fundamentals. It’s not about holding in and not go to events,  it’s not about going to events to overcome your current way of life to step into something better. It’s both ways. Sometimes you should go to some events. Sometimes you shouldn’t. And I guess when you abstract too far you get obvious conclusions here…

As for me? I went enough I think.

Thanks to a certain illustrator-san!

My favorite event in 2015 was the way Lantis Fest Vegas turned out. It doubled with Otakon Vegas. But what was great about that weekend was how a bunch of people (counting the local Liver/casual team it was well over 30 people) were able to hang out pretty much the entire time. It was the ultimate offkai, since it was like 3 days, and we were rooming in 3 suites in the same building. The P team were able to watch IM@S history in the making via nico namas and it was group watching since we were all there. There were the usual Vegas delights. We took pictures of ourselves in front of the Bellagio fountains in weird outfits. Karaoke, booze, cooking, breakfast, party suite, doing calls, you name it. Which is to say that was a great experience of hanging out because we also shared core interests. The actual Lantis Fest itself was also really good, so that completed the other half of the puzzle.

If we want to talk about actual event-events, then it might have to be I’ve Sound 15th anniversary on the strength of its set list and performers. The venue was Tokyo Dome City Hall so even where I was on the 2nd floor the view was good. It was both new and old, dream collabs and “who is this” hour with a bunch of the newer I’ve faces. Still it’s quite overdue on my end.

Third (or second, whatever) would have to be IM@S 10th. It was mind blowing in the off-kai way, in that we had an offkai and the oversea Ps visited Tokyo at around the same time, so we hung out there. It was also mind blowing in terms of scale and what happened. The only knock was the weather–burning hot on day 1, and the rain made buppan kind of miserable. I was also miserable due to physical ailment but that cannot be helped.

Honorable mentions:

  • Anime North Offkai…I still owe a post on this but I have not forgotten you!
  • WUG 2nd Osaka – Great venue and seeing old faces! Osaka is pretty cool.
  • Aisute: Zenzen Aitakatta – The music was just what the doctor ordered
  • Okui Masami Birthday Live – This tripped me way harder than I’ve 15th. I had a nice view of it all too. But the feel is just very different than the other anison lives I’ve been at.
  • AWS events: fhana & Katofuku – Both were great, just short. I’m just glad that I saw fhana live finally, because missing their first solo live while I was in Tokyo would have eat me up way too much as it did all year until then.
  • Trysail Tryangle Harmony public recording (march) – MOCHOOOOOO honto dayooooo let’s kouken MOCHOOOOO

It’s too bad I was so busy this year, I would do a stat post for 10th and ANorth… Maybe…

PS. Does celebrating birthdays at Characro count as events? LOL.

Year-in-review 2015:

Year in Review 2015: Sounding Off


I wanted to talk about Sound! Euphonium, but not exactly. It’s more about the way Kurosawa Tomoyo stole a lot of my attention this year, with her performance in this sharp coming-of-age piece from Kyoto Animation. The animation, story, direction, the handling of the adaptation, art direction and the character/inter-character drama are all very remarkable, and to me, very enjoyable. Even the salt from the oversea yuri community. It’s really symptomatic about their inability to read what’s going on, but in this case it was humorous how it turned out. I guess I am in no place to criticize other otaku for being KY.

The music is something worth talking about. Just a holidays sort of observation, while catching a glimpse of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you see some of America’s top High School marching bands at work. The stuff they play is way more progressive than anything out of the more recital-style stiffness that delights snooty Asians and OST nerds from Eupho. And that’s what we really want.

It’s kind of like how in Your Lie in April we tortured a similar music scene for its drama, although perhaps that has the satisfaction of slamming the sledgehammer through a wall, compared to the fine-slicing of a sharp blade–the bleeding comes only after you’re done with Eupho. I don’t really know which is worth talking about more–the candle that sparks into life or the sparkle that extinguishes.

What I do know is Tanechan really needs to visit America, because when Moyochi did, she stole something precious! I don’t even know what.

For the rest of you, there’s always this ode to Kyoani I guess.

And for what it’s worth…the voice cast in Amagi, then Euphonium…then in Phantom World… I think I like this pattern. How does annoying sidekick fairy Koroazu sound like?

And I didn’t even talk about Tamaki in Love or High Speed…probably because I need to still watch them properly first.

Year-in-review 2015:

Year In Review 2014: N-Listing

Just trucking along. Happy 2015 guys. Still celebrating Christmas for 12 days right?

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Year in Review 2014: Event Log

I only write about eventing because I do it, okay? It’s not because I have any special insight or anything, but it would be nice to put into words why I spend so much time and money doing it, and how that time and money is spent. So here are some events I attended in 2014. I think I’m done attending for the year…

Mocho Nansu Sora

In this style

1. IM@S Butai Aisatsu @Saitama with Nu/Kido/Mikku/Yuiton/Zekki – I was less than a meter away from them at one point. The yojos impressed but the cosplaying kansaijin cutie impressed more. Also how many more Haruka/Miki/Producer shikishi am I going to get?

2. Yukari Tamura Fruits Furits Cherry SSA (Saturday) – Dodged snow in US to fly to Japan only to find more snow. My first Yukarin live was pretty much an eye-opening experience too, and it’s definitely not the ideal sort of live for newbies. I had a good time and I can see how much fun it could have been if I knew the songs a lot better (and the calls a lot better).

3. IM@S Butai Aisatsu @Wald9 with Azumin/Mocho/Nansu/Tenchan- Mocho was Mocho on first sight. I became smitten with Mocho on first sight. Tenchan was strikingly beautiful. Nansu was not much to look at (literally, I was a little far from the stage and she is small) but she delivered her speech with conviction. Azumin was already in senpai mode. Also a long story behind this butai aisatsu to share if you poke me in person.

4. KOTOKO Kuuchu Puzzle bonus Live – It was great finally hanging out with Momotato after his ordeal, and doubly mind-warping learning about KOTOKO’s Raleigh trip at the same time as this live. KOTOKO showed her guts while I tried to not trip on the uneven flooring I was standing on half the time.

5. M@STERS of IDOL WORLD – Changed my life perhaps for the better. Also went to my first JP-style offkai, let alone my first IM@S live and all that jazz. A lot of other firsts too. HPT was born.

6. Nonnonbiyori live recording – I didn’t know Rieshon and Ayaneru can be this restrained. Sasuga Asumiss. Koiwai is also a cute.

7. Sakuracon – ELISA is gracious and lovely. Ishikawa Yui is kind of cute but pretty fresh. Most memorable part was talking about IM@S with the Aniplex animators throughout the con. I’m glad Aniplex/A-1 is doing their anime now. It just can’t be anyone else.

8. Anime Boston – JAM Project was great. Live Mask was dream-come-true, bucket list stuff. Good to see Asa-nee and Minaguchi-san again. Had a nice chat with Dai Sato that I really should publish…

9. Anime Central – Meeting Myu and the WUGs was wonderful, besides that I froze up. WUGner dinner/offkai was totally set up off-the-cuff, but big shoutout to the JP crew for being so cool. I had a great time at dinner despite the language barrier. JTV was born. I later marathoned Knight of Sidonia because of Angela’s OP. Hello Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Hiro.

10. Anime North (Haramii North) – Seiyuu-wise, Haramii is the best personality I’ve met, on par with Noto. Hanamaru Cluster are cool guys, sup Ninbin, Sky)ry. Mai Goto was a cute. Shibata-san was legendary.

11. Anime Next – Luna is a cute nerd. Haruhi pose works well even if it’s pointed the wrong way aaaah. Luna NA fanclub start unofficially ww. Koyama and Waka are awesome. I guess you can expect as much behind the two people who made Inferno Cop.

12. Anime Expo – Terrible con aside, Angela was great. Lunatic Joker is wonderful. Kill la Kill crew is top. Aniplex delivers again. So many good guests actually. Good times were had.

13. Otakon – Doing Cyber Cyber with ALTIMA. Ojou and Motsu are cool, Sats is affable. Their Warner manager asked about my Myu happi. I have no words again. Hayamin was lovely and earnest. I will cheer for her. Also so many Ps! So many livers! Hanging out with my OG crew feels like the world is all one.

14. AWA – Ardith is almost guest-class by herself. Loverin Tamurin is solid. Shonen Knife even better. MiQ is top tier. There were BBQ and watching WUGchans getting scared in a hotel room, and watching @Paranda_update repping Hibiki with a VocaloidP once the Nunu connection is shown. Vocaloid force is stronger than ever. Attended my second Nihongo de OK ever in the same year.

15-18. Idol attack NYC series: Miku, Babymetal, Morning Musume ’14, Perfume. Local crew. Local brew. Maspi burger. Will do it again every time, except hopefully be able to book Yakiniku West for once. East Coast represent.

In 2015 I already have the following prospective events:

  • 1/16-17 – Lantis Festival Las Vegas – All set
  • 3/1 – Idolmaster Station!!! Public recording/concert – Ticket secured, TBD if PTO/Flight doable
  • 3/8 – WUG Solo Live (Myu) – Ticket secured
  • 3/13 – Masami Okui birthday live – In process
  • 3/14 – TryAngle Harmony public recording #3 – round 1 lottery in a couple weeks
  • 3/15 – I’ve 15th Anniversary Live – Ippan in progress
  • 4/4-4/5 – IDOLM@STER Million Live 2nd – round 1 lottery in 3 weeks
  • 4/3-4/5 – Anime Boston – First guest announced, alternative to ML 2nd.
  • ??? – IDOLM@STER 10th Anniversary Live – Logo revealed today LOL.
  • June – Anime Next – Local con don’t hurt to go.
  • July – Otakon – Semi-local con don’t hurt to go (usually).

Welp, maybe I’ll hit status even before 10th at this rate.

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